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I've moved back to America after two years abroad. I'm in North Carolina.

Right now I'm looking for work. I'm most qualified to work in the tech and/or media industries. This is my resume.

Right now I run a publishing business, and sell a few books a month. But this isn't sustainable, so I need to find a job in addition to publishing.

In the past I've worked at Apple Computer (retail), Gawker Media (blogroom intern), New York Magazine (photo editor), and New York University (residential Internet). I have an undergraduate degree in Journalism.

For the past three years I've been working on my technical skills. I'm proficient in building Linux machines from scratch using Arch Linux, Debian, and I'm working my way through LFS. I can program in JavaScript using Node.js or in a browser. I know C and bash scripting basics. I can also learn whatever language your stack runs on. I also know how to deploy email servers as well as send one-to-many emails from the command line.

Beyond those skills, interested in cutting edge things such as cryptography, blockchains, and Linux containerization.

I write and program in Vim.

I've lived in, and I'm familiar with, Manhattan, Brooklyn, San Francsico, Oakland, Chicago, Portland, Seattle and Mexico City. I'd be happy to work for you in any of those cities. I'm also enthusiastic about moving to anywhere in Texas, Missouri, Michigan or North Carolina. I'm also fine with moving to places that no one has ever heard of in America. The only place I will not relocate to is Boulder, Colorado.

I'd be the best fit as a programmer at a tech-oriented or media-oriented business where programs are being built and/or refined.

I want to be hired into an hourly or salaried position. I will not work for only stock options unless I have told you that I will in person.

References can be supplied on demand. Interviews can be done over WebRTC or in person if you are local or can pay for travel.

I am also open to working in a kitchen at a brewpub, but I have no experience in the service industry.

Get in touch using email I reply to all messages. Or you can call me at 910-364-1613. If I don't pick up, leave a message with your number and I'll call you right back. -Ev Bogue

Everett Baldwin Bogue | CV

Fayetteville, NC 910-364-1613 - Mobile

Male | 5'11" Born: 03/04/1985


Undergraduate double major in Journalism and Dance from NYU '06

Job Experience

2013 - Current Self-employed, Technical Writer

For the past three years I've written and sold programming books to clients on the Internet. Current book titles include 'Design Your Website' and 'Node.js - Code Javascript' Work responsibilities include keeping myself on task learning advanced programming skills, writing clear and concise copy, as well as handling customer support for clients who are learning computer programming.

2009 - 2012 Self-employed, Self-improvement Writer

I started a blog on the topic of 'being a minimalist to live and work from anywhere' that reached 80,000 readers per month at its peak. I wrote and sold ebooks, the most popular was 'The Art of Being Minimalist'. I was interviewed by CBS news in 2010.

2006 - 2009 New York Magazine, Photo Editor at

I was hired as an Editorial Intern at New York Magazine in the Fall of 2006, and then hired into a full-time position as a photo editor in January 2007. Responsibilities included finding photos for 64 blog posts per day via photo agencies and heavy use of Adobe Photoshop. I was also responsible for the photo budget. I left New York Magazine to move to Portland, OR.

2006 - 2006 Apple Store Retail, Mac Genius Installer

I worked at the Apple Store on 5th Avenue in New York City for six months. My employment at Apple included the opening of the Manhattan store. My responsibilities included installing RAM and programs on Mac computers. I served on an as needed basis for occasional, more difficult repairs and customer support issues. I left the Apple Store to work at New York Magazine.

2005 - 2005 Gawker Media, Media Intern

I assisted editors at a Gawker Media blog during my last year in college. Responsibilities included parsing the Internet for story leads and staying up late at night waiting for breaking news on which to write.

2003 - 2006 New York Unversity, RESNET technician

Troubleshooted Internet problems on NYU's campus. Responsibilities included answering client support requests via phones and support tickets, as well as housecalls to client dorm rooms for persistent Internet connectivity problems. I left RESNET after being recruited by Apple Retail a month before I graduated from NYU.


Programming: JavaScript ES6, Node.js v4 (Advanced), C, C++ (Basic)

Technical: Linux (Arch Linux, Debian), systemd, Git, Vim, Postfix, Procmail, Nodemailer, Express.js, Koa.js, HTML5, CSS3, Jade


Hi, I'm Ev Bogue. I write technical books and program computers.


Site stack: Digital Ocean (rewards link) + Debian + Node v4 + Metalwork