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Hi, I'm Ev Bogue. I'm a technical writer and computer programmer living in Fayetteville, NC.

In the past I've worked at Nymag, Gawker and Apple. I'm interested in Node.js, JavaScript, distributed technologies that involve 40-character hashes.

Master the InterPlanetary File System

Almost finished free IPFS tutorial. Because Alan Kay was right.

% ipfs get QmXwaLKHfnKeBVQgdWhpJWb2XjDPskcRTno7Gv3dQx6WS6 

Code in Node

The only rolling release Node.js book on the planet. $27 Buy Now. Will also accept Bitcoin.


Built out Metalsmith blog that works.

% npm install metalwork


Minimalist responsive grid framework without any bullshit.

<link rel='stylesheeet' href='framework.css' />

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