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Short Bio

Hey! I'm Everett Bogue.

Since December 2010 I've been hanging out with Gwen Bell and we've lived mostly in Fayetteville, NC, Mexico City, MX, and San Francisco/Oakland, CA. Right now we've been in Rosemont, IL since November 2017 where I work at two California-based companies backstocking jeans.

In my free time I develop Bogbook -- a secure gossiped network for communication and (soon) inventory management.

I'm working on a book, but that's my secret.

Long Bio

I hold an undergraduate degree from New York University's Journalism program and Tisch School of the Arts in Dance. Since graduating, the only time anyone has ever asked me about my degree was when I was interviewing to become a food runner at Caroline Ale House in November 2015. Sometimes I leave the degree off resumes, because people don't call me to interviews as I appear to be overqualified.

During my years (2003-2010) in New York I worked at NYU Resnet, The Apple Store on 5th Avenue, and New York Magazine as a Photo Editor.

Ten years ago I was famous in the blogosphere for throwing away most of my stuff and moving to San Francisco to write a minimalism blog which is preserved by a dedicated reader at Farbeyondthestarsthearchives.com. In 2010 I deleted my Facebook account. In 2011 I got bored with minimalism and got interested in Bitcoin. In 2012 I was shadowbanned by Google+ staffers for writing about Bitcoin on their network -- so I deleted my Google account -- now Google+ is dead. In 2013 I was blocked for writing about Bitcoin on MailChimp -- so I deleted my account. Needless to say, I am not popular in Silicon Valley. The only mainstream social media account that I still maintain is on Microsoft Github but I plan on leaving by January 1st 2020.

It turns out that shunning Silicon Valley companies can be detrimental to your bottom line in our world where four trillion dollar tech companies would like a monopoly on communication, so I've spent most of the past decade working in restaurants and now I work in retail.

gb and I lived in Mexico City on and off from 2014 - 2017 where I tried to make money on the Internet selling programming books.

Now that a 2020 presidential candidate is suing Google for banning her campaign and Facebook has a patent for shadow banning, I feel vindicated. For years people from within these companies and people who use these services have harassed me because I insist on using the open web to communicate. I'd appreciate if people would stop trolling on me and work towards living in a better world where communication is free, secure, and open -- maybe even somewhat private.

For five years I participated in the development of Secure Scuttlebutt -- an off-grid social network. But I left the project in March 2019 after it was revealed that a bug temporarily allowed friends to request your private messages if they could talk to your peer. The core development team refused to acknowledge the bug, which led me to leave the project. I learned a lot about coding distributed software using Node.js during my time building software on ssb, and I continue to be grateful for experience and the memories. All of the software that I wrote for ssb is now deprecated, please use Bogbook instead.

Since 2012 I've been an active participant in the Hyperboria mesh network built upon cjdns. It's a weird world of people who are interested in communicating over the Internet in a secure way. Caleb's also working on pkt, so I'm also playing with PacketCrypt.

I believe that we the people of the United States of America have the right to publish legal speech over the Internet.

You might have the right to remain silent, but I won't shut up about how much damage these companies have done to our communications infrastructure and the social fabric of America. Please direct bullying emails to ev@evbogue.com, but note that if I reply to you and your account is on Google/Facebook/Apple/Microsoft you may not receive the message. So run your own email server, or talk to me on Bogbook.

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